Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Few Photos

A few photos from my 16th birthday party and Stepping Out, a local festival. The last three are the only ones from the festival. I had more, but none that looked all that good. :P Enjoy!

Lilies with tea lights in the center that floated on water. We sent them out over the pool. Even raced them a little (:

Floating laterns. (: Yes, like in Tangled. Yes, they exist. Yes, they do float. And they are 
absolutely wonderful. <3

The reflection of the lantern in the pool. It was really surreal watching the reflection as it seemed to sink  deeper into the pool as it rose higher in the air.

My beautiful friend Allyson. I snuck this while she was talking to people. No posing, just her being absolutely gorgeous. 

Another best friend of mine, Ethan. He brings his mandolin everywhere and I had to sneak a few shots. I thought he looked rather handsome and talented in these two; which he is!

Love and Pixie Dust,

~ Mimi ^-^ <3

Thursday, June 7, 2012

BHS Prom 2012

Hey Guys (: 
Recently I had the privilege of taking pictures for some of my closest friends before they went off to prom. We went to our old high school (which collapsed the year before last) just to be ironic. Too fun (: Enjoy!
~ Mimi <3 ^-^